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Core Application Transformation - 3P Formula for successful Data Migration

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Data migration has always been playing a key role in success of core application upgrade. It has many challenges which are even capable of de-railing the entire upgrade initiative.

“Data migration” – Insurance companies wonder why most of the upgrade initiatives faces problem in just transferring data from legacy to new core application, and the Technology partner sees this as a rough sea. Yes, it is possible to sail smooth in the rough sea by adapting 3Ps (Process, Plan, Perform).

In this blog series we will look at important aspects of each of these.

Chapter 1: Process

Coming soon….

Chapter 2: Plan:

Good implementable Planning & Strategy is as equally important that of robust process. Implementable plan will have detailed approach & strategy on the key aspects like ownership & responsibility, Scope single / multiple, Sample and Final migration, test strategy and so on.

Stay tuned to hear from us....

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